SEIB and SAIFInsure are the approved brokers to the NAFD and SAIF respectively. This endorsement provides you with the reassurance to know that the insurance protection of your business is in safe and trusted hands.

Both the NAFD and SAIF choose their recommended suppliers with the utmost care and look to ensure that these suppliers have the same culture and ethos as the two organisations and their membership. This due diligence means you will have access to trusted advisors who are financially secure, highly qualified, and have in-depth expertise of the risks faced by funeral directors gained over many years.

As a member of your association, SEIB and SAIFInsure can provide you with access to a wide range of valuable benefits and services, including:

  •    Continuity of Premium: Premium levels remain stable allowing you to budget ahead and meet your insurance costs with confidence. We can do this because our tailored insurance schemes are exclusive to funeral directors, so you don’t end up paying for claims belonging to other high-risk trades.
  • Solid Reputation and Strong Relationships: The NAFD have been working with SEIB for over 40 years and SAIF with SAIFInsure for 25 years, that’s 65 years’ experience between the two. With such strong and long-lasting relationships, you can be sure of excellent service and professional support should things go wrong.
  • Professional and Personal Contacts: You will have direct access to experienced individuals and be able to speak to the same team each time you contact us. There are no call centres, and skilled claims handlers will guide you through should the worst happen.
  • Cheaper Prices for Offshore Insurers: Whilst it is true that offshore insurance companies have a reputation for offering cheaper premiums, this is often reflected in poorer service standards and difficulties when making a claim. It is important to note that there have been numerous offshore insurers who have gone into administration in the last few years, leaving motor vehicle drivers without cover and property no longer insured. Both SEIB and SAIFInsure use highly reputable and well-known insurers for the insurances we place for you.
  • Secure Ownership: SEIB are owned by a charity so profits do not go to shareholders, and SAIFInsure are independently owned. This means that both businesses have no excessive pressure to squeeze profit in support of large corporate organisations. Unfortunately, we often see service standards drop and increased turnover of staff or use of contracted services with larger businesses, who often use their client base and premium to leverage commissions and reduce costs that offer no benefit to customers.
  • Associated Connection: SEIB and SAIFInsure are both actively supporting their respective associations through sponsorship, financial support and engagement on pressing issues that affect the funeral profession.

Terry Tennens, CEO of SAIF said:

"SAIFInsure is over 25 years old having been established by one of the most experienced insurance professionals working in the funeral sector along with SAIF.  Brian Hart, a former insurance underwriter and experienced insurance broker has shown his understanding of the full range of needs of independent funeral firms and the SAIF Executive Committee offer this service with great confidence. SAIFInsure provides a broad and bespoke cover at competitive terms combined with a fast, personal and effective claims experience"

Brian Hart, MD of SAIFInsure said:

"SAIF and SAIFInsure have combined to provide insurance services for the Independent Funeral Director since 1994. Since its formation, we have seen the business grow substantially and provide new and innovative covers in response to changing times.

In 2017, SAIFInsure was relaunched as a totally independent business with support from SAIF to ensure that members interests continue to be the focal point with service not being undermined. As with many industries and in some ways reminiscent of the funeral profession back in the 1990s, insurance has seen a recent influx of venture capital and overseas owners with the focus being on aggressive growth and commoditisation. As with SEIB, who have looked after the NAFD with distinction for many years, SAIFInsure, prides itself as an independent business putting its customers and SAIF's interests at the heart of everything we do"

Jon Levett CEO of NAFD said:

“SEIB are a long-standing partner of the association and over the years their team have gained detailed knowledge of the funeral industry. Consequently, they now offer bespoke products that meet the needs of the industry and fully support our members with their insurance. Although a reasonably sized broker, that gives them excellent buying power, SEIB still maintain a very personal service with a dedicated department servicing the funeral industry and our members.

As an organisation, SEIB go out of their way to understand and support the Association. Their commitment to the industry is unchallenged for longevity, consistent personnel and ongoing stability. They support the industry by, attending conferences and events, providing sponsorship or just being there whenever the need arises proving to be a true affinity partner. I am always hearing positive comments from members and the invaluable covers that are provided for the membership truly do protect our profession”.

Suzy Middleton, SEIB Deputy Chief Executive said:

“We have enjoyed a long and positive relationship with the NAFD that spans more than 40 years – double the time I have been at SEIB.  We have made many friends, generations have come and gone at both organisations but consistency remains.  Through this time SEIB with the support of the NAFD have been adapting policies to fit with the changes and challenges of the industry. 

SEIB have a vision statement that focuses on the ambition to achieve total customer satisfaction by adapting policies to cover the ever-changing needs of the industry. Policies are designed purely for funeral directors using secure and reliable rated insurers, they are not adapted from cover already in place for other industries. We are not shy of changing or offering different insurers to get the best possible deal for service and price.

Using an association appointed broker whichever one you choose, provides peace of mind that you are working with the industry specialists and you have the protection needed to operate your business and protect your reputation”.

About SEIB

SEIB’s experience with the funeral directing industry goes back over 40 years, and we have recently been described by a client as a “funeral director’s best friend”.

The funeral directing community has made a huge effort to meet the challenge of the pandemic. We want you to know that our team are here to help, and our goal as always is to provide funeral directors with the insurance protection they need at affordable premiums.  To find out more about safeguarding your business with SEIB please contact us by calling 0345 450 0648 or emailing