Keeping your business moving is always challenging, but further problems arise when you rely on a vehicle or fleet of vehicles to take you to and from clients or premises. It might seem like a good option to take out the first business fleet quote you receive, but you could end up paying for it when something happens and you miss important meetings, conferences or other events simply because your business fleet policy doesn’t cover you the way it ought to.

At SEIB, we can take care of these potential issues for you with a business vehicle insurance policy that’s built to suit your requirements. As we come to understand your business needs, we’ll offer genuine and honest advice, so you can be sure that what you pay for is what you need and nothing more. We provide extensive cover that is flexible specifically to you.

What does business fleet insurance cover?

  • Single and multiple vehicle cover
  • From small fleet insurance to insurance for large fleets
  • A vast array of vehicle types covered under one policy
  • No claims bonuses for individual cars or for the fleet
  • Any driver options available, giving you extra flexibility
  • Cover for almost every trade
  • Flexibility with age restrictions

You could be an established enterprise looking to expand its fleet, a small team using several vehicles or a new venture entirely. Either way, SEIB will endeavour to provide you with dependable motor fleet cover at a competitive price. Our reputation as transparent brokers affirms this.

Whatever type or size of your business fleet, contact SEIB for independent advice and measured guidance. Call 01708 850 000 or email