If you are organising an event, your patience, nerve and stamina will no doubt be put to the test. Whatever your special event is, one thing you don’t want to forget is a valid event insurance policy that covers you fully in case the unthinkable happens. This is especially the case whereby the event is special, distinctive or rigidly-planned such as a wedding or memorial day.

So whether it’s a wedding, a sponsored walk, a local charity event, or even a parent’s coffee morning get-together, keep yourself, your organisers and your event protected. SEIB’s event insurance cover can include:

  • Employers’ liability to cover any volunteers or charity organisers you use
  • Specialist wedding packages
  • Cancellation cover (optional)
  • Event liability insurance to cover you as organiser
  • Equipment cover for any materials or tools you rent or borrow

At SEIB, our range of expertise allows us to equip your event from the offset. We draw upon our experience in insuring equine events, so you’ll have the confidence to trust our skills as we ensure every eventuality has been considered.

If you have an upcoming event organised, or hold regular events locally or nationally, contact SEIB’s dedicated team for genuine advice and cover you can count on. Call 01708 850 000 or email info@seib.co.uk.