The time and effort you dedicate to your horse or pony is precious, but such devotion shouldn’t be jeopardised by an unfit horse insurance policy which doesn’t properly reflect your requirements.

Owning a horse or pony can be demanding. With technological advances in the diagnosis, surgery, treatment and medication of equine welfare, veterinary bills are ever-increasing. If your horse sustains an injury, causes public damage or worse, can you afford to pay for the repercussions, both financial and otherwise?

At SEIB, we appreciate the many risks horse owners face. We know because we are horse owners and riders ourselves. Our horse insurance perfectly reflects this and aims to alleviate risks so that you can focus fully on your riding.

Our cover options are vast, but policies can include:

  • Cover for death, theft and straying included in every policy
  • Up to £7,500 colic surgery cover available
  • Veterinary fees up to £5,000 per incident
  • Loss of use—from 60% to 75%
  • Tack and saddlery
  • Public liability cover
  • Legal cover
  • Horse rider insurance/personal accident cover
  • Cover for high-value and competition horses
  • First-class 24 hour emergency helpline
  • An array of excess options and other benefits
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We know everything there is to know about horse and pony insurance. What would you like to know?

How much is horse insurance?

High-quality insurance is probably more affordable than you may think. Our prices are competitive and individual prices depend heavily on your needs. We’ll carefully consider your needs and our expert team will help you in ensuring that you only pay for what is relevant to you.

Is this policy suitable for my competition horse?

Although our standard Horse Insurance policy provides high quality cover for most horses, if your horse is a competition horse with a high monetary value, then we do recommend you speak to our Sport Horse Insurance team. Find out more here.

How does SEIB’s horse insurance compare?

Using a price comparison site to find a policy may seem worthwhile, but you probably won’t be getting the most appropriate horse insurance. In such a niche area, relying on sector specialists is a strong option and SEIB are at hand. As we own and ride horses ourselves, we can ease any concerns you may have. We’ve been specialising in UK horse insurance since 1963, so you can trust that what we offer looks after your best interests.

What else sets SEIB apart?

If more than 50 years of award-winning service, a dedicated team of experts who have a moral investment in equine wellbeing isn’t enough, we also donate 5% of commissions to the British Horse Society (BHS), an exceptional UK charity that demonstrably improves the lives of horses and provides expert advice for owners and riders. We’ve worked closely with the charity for many years now, and hope to continue this in the future. For more information on BHS, click here.

We are also one of only a couple of equestrian insurance providers that will offer colic surgery cover of up to £7,500. This means that you can rest assured that your horse will be protected should it need to have emergency colic surgery.

How do I choose the best horse insurance for me?

Our expertise and knowledge allows us to cater for a vast array of needs. When considering horse or pony insurance, there’s a lot to think about. Consider your horses’ health and age, where they are kept, your location, provisions and access to main roads, and how often you ride them. Whatever your requirements, trust SEIB to provide you with a thorough policy with minimal stress.

What if I fall off my horse or suffer an injury while mounted?

Personal Accident Cover can protect you if you suffer an injury when riding, handling, mounting or dismounting your horse. Sometimes, these injuries can be catastrophic, so personal accident insurance could well be regarded as essential cover. With this additional protection, we can protect you from ‘worst-case’ scenarios. The cost is probably less than you may think as we provide an extensive range of cover options, allowing you to choose a policy tailored to your lifestyle.

If you would like to find out more about how SEIB can insure you or to receive a horse insurance quote, contact our team of friendly experts. Call 01708 850 000, email or hit the Get Quote button above.