British Showjumping Members Insurance


SEIB Limited are the official insurance brokers to the British Show Jumping Association

What your membership offers you:

Key Features and Benefits

This policy covers your liability for:

Accidental bodily injury to any person accidental loss of or damage to property happening anywhere in the world arising out of your use, ownership or control of horses or horse drawn vehicles and your direct participation in other horse related activities.

£30,000,000 limit of indemnity in respect of any one claim, unlimited in respect of all claims occurring during the period of insurance.

Cover is provided for members normally domiciled in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Republic of Ireland or at bases of Her Majesty’s Forces Overseas.

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Significant or Unusual Exclusions or Limitations

This policy does not cover you for: bodily injury to members of your own family or household, or any employee whilst working for you loss of or damage to property belonging to you or in your care, custody or control; or in the care, custody or control of any member of your family or person in your service liability arising out of or incidental to any profession, occupation or business punitive, exemplary or multiplied damages said race is not being run under the rules of any turf or similar authority horse racing, point to point racing or steeplechasing other than: endurance riding, racing which forms part of an equestrian event the primary purpose of which is not racing and where the said race is not being run under the rules of any turf or similar authority use of a horse or horse drawn vehicle for hire or reward liability arising out of the ownership, possession or use of any mechanically propelled vehicle or any craft designed to travel through the air, space or water (other than hand propelled watercraft or rescue craft) deliberate acts or omissions

Significant Conditions

This is a policy of last resort, that is to say that if at the time of any claim under this insurance there is any other valid and collectible insurance available to the Insured or any other Insured party, other than insurance that is specifically stated to be in excess of this Policy and names the Insured for the insurance, then the Insurance by this Policy will be in excess of and will not contribute with such other insurance.

For information or any queries regarding your insurance cover please contact SEIB on 0345 873 4904

To report a claim please call 0345 600 8370