Charity £50k

Winners and recipients of the £50,000 SEIB Insurance Brokers grant

Gemma Stanford, Director of Welfare at the British Horse Society said: “We are thrilled to have won the £50,000 and would like to thank everyone who voted for us and is behind us in understanding just how important improving equine welfare through education truly is – this is the whole ethos of BHS Welfare. The valuable SEIB grant will allow us to step up the delivery of our Healthcare and Education clinics and streamline our resources. The money will go towards a dedicated vehicle that can be used as emergency horse transport as well as have a weighbridge and also carry all the kit we need for Healthcare Clinics throughout the UK, so we can continue to support at risk horses. We also intend on visiting horse owners and smaller yards, holding ‘horse MOT days’. We are looking at long term solutions to the horse crisis, and this is one of the many ways we are helping horses.” SEIB’s Chief Executive Officer, Barry Fehler said: “I have been at the helm of SEIB for over 50 years and it is with great pride that we are able to make this grant of £50,000 to the BHS to help equine welfare across the UK.” The British Horse Society plans to use the grant to purchase a Healthcare on Tour vehicle to deliver critical equine welfare around the UK. SEIB while being an independent broker is owned by the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group that is in turn owned by the charity Allchurches Trust. Chris Pitt, the Ecclesiastical Group Corporate Responsibility Manager, said: “Every part of the Ecclesiastical Group has a strong commitment to charitable giving. Together we gave £1.5m to charitable causes in 2017. SEIB’s scheme is a great example of giving to a cause which is close to the hearts of its customers. We are delighted that the mobile equine healthcare service the grant is funding will make a real impact on horse welfare all over the country.”

The British Horse Society

Second Place - £1,000 donation:

In runner up position, receiving a donation of £1,000 was the South Essex Wildlife Hospital. Based in Orsett, the wildlife hospital has provided care for thousands of injured animals since it was set up in 1990. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Wing project was voted into second place by SEIB customers and Sue Schwar and Sharon Davies of the South Essex Wildlife Hospital attended the awards to receive the donation. Sue said: “South Essex Wildlife Hospital were delighted to have been honoured with the title of runner up in the SEIB charity awards. The generous donation of £1,000 will be used towards refurbishment of our feed room which we are currently renovating. Such support is a large part of the budget for this important project so we are extremely grateful to SEIB for their help and to everyone who voted for us in the deciding stages of this fabulous event.”

South Essex Wildlife Hospital
World Horse Welfare

Third Place - £900 donation:

World Horse Welfare’s Fit and Flab-u-less project was voted into third place in the awards. Following an emotive, yet educational video about the effects obesity can have on equine lives, Tony Tyler and Felicity Bridges of World Horse Welfare collected their cheque for £900 from Suzy Middleton and Adrian Saunders. World Horse Welfare Deputy Chief Executive, Tony Tyler, said: “We are very grateful for this award which will go towards boosting our facilities which will help rehabilitate more horses and ponies in our care through improving our track grazing systems and bark paddocks. The SEIB competition has also given us an important opportunity to highlight the issues around overweight equines and underline the importance of careful weight management in safeguarding horse welfare.”

World Horse Welfare
Welsh Pony Rescue

Fourth Place - £800 donation:

In fourth place came the Welsh Pony Rescue and Rehoming Charitable Trust. Sharon Mock, Kay Lewis and Tina Minster of the charity were thrilled to receive their donation of £800. Sharon said: “Recently the charity’s horse trailer was broken, leaving us in a desperate situation and without transport. The £800 prize from SEIB will enable us to repair and service the trailer to carry on with our valuable work.” The trust is based in Merthyr and Caerphilly and helps many ponies in need in South Wales. Sharon added: “The Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming Charitable Trust rescue, rehabilitate and rehome equines in need from the Welsh Commons and other situations where there is a welfare issue or the owner is in need. The Charity aims to reduce breeding by castration of colts and stallions brought into their care.”

Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming Charitable Trust

Fifth Place - £700 donation:

As the award winners were entirely chosen by the customers of SEIB, not all of the eight finalists were equine based charities. The Demelza Hospice Care for Children in Sittingbourne, Kent took fifth place and a donation of £700 in the SEIB Charity Awards. Lila Dowie and Mary Haisman of Demelza went up on stage to receive the donation. Mary Haisman said: “It was a real pleasure to attend the inaugural SEIB awards on behalf of Demelza. To have been shortlisted from over 200 charities really was such an achievement for us as a hospice. The £700 kindly donated by SEIB for being a runner up will contribute towards providing specialist care and emotional support for children with terminal conditions and their loved ones, so they can enjoy their time together as a family, for as long as they have. Thank you SEIB.”

Demelza Hospice Care for Children
Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care

Sixth Place - £600 donation:

Sixth place in the awards went to the Scottish charity, Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care. The charity focusses on fostering and rehoming unwanted pet rabbits. Margaret McNaughton attended the awards to receive their donation of £600. The project which SEIB customers voted for from Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care was Burrow Building – the aim of which is to create Scotland’s first rabbit dedicated rescue and adoption centre. David Bell, Director of Rescue Services at Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care said: “We were absolutely delighted to be part of the SEIB Giving awards. It was amazing to be considered alongside so many other well-deserving charities. The £600 donation we have received will be added to our Burrow Building project fund, which seeks to support the charity as we move in to a new dedicated premises that will enable us to support the rescue and adoption of more of Scotland's unwanted rabbits. It will also give us opportunities for better engagement with Scotland's rabbit owners to improve the overall standards in rabbit welfare.”

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care
Riding For the Disabled’s National Training Centre

Seventh Place - £500 donation:

The Riding For the Disabled’s National Training Centre project earned them seventh place in the SEIB Charity Awards and a donation of £500. Sal Atkinson and Ed Bracher of the RDA received their cheque from Bipin Thaker of SEIB and Adrian Saunders of Ecclesiastical at the SEIB Charity Awards lunch. “We were delighted to be shortlisted for the SEIB Giving Grant and to have reached the voting stage.” Said Ed Bracher, CEO of RDA UK. “We really appreciate the support of SEIB and the £500 award will go towards the refurbishment of the indoor school at the new RDA National Training Centre which is being built at Lowlands Farm in Warwickshire. This purpose built facility is currently under construction and once up and running will enable us to equip the next generation of RDA coaches to support even more disabled riders.”

Riding for the Disabled Association
Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Eighth Place - £400 donation:

Eighth place went to the largest horse sanctuary in the UK - Redwings Horse Sanctuary. A donation of £400 was presented to Lynn Cutress and Rachel Angel of the charity. SEIB customers voting for Redwings put their vote toward the charity’s Vital New Horsebox project. Lynn Cutress, Chief Executive, was delighted that Redwings made it through to the shortlist, she said: “I am pleased that the £50k went to one of our partners in welfare. The £400 donation we have received from SEIB will fund an Ardall unit, a device for training horses that has been designed to accustom unbroken horses, or horses that have not been ridden for some time, to safely accept a rider and for training purposes. We have tried the Ardall at our Norfolk Rehoming Centre and this new purchase will go to our Oxhill Centre in Warwickshire once the building works have been completed and rehoming starts there in earnest.”

Redwings Horse Sanctuary