Working with cars as a profession can be a stressful and challenging experience. Whether you’re a car dealership, repairer, body shop or something else, every nut, bolt and washer is vital to a car’s performance. In the same way, an effective motor trade insurance policy needs to be well-oiled and thorough if you want it to protect you.

SEIB are experienced motor trade insurance brokers and have the knowledge to quickly understand what your business does, how it does it, and any and all risks associated with your work. Before we provide you with a motor trade insurance quote, we ensure every angle has been considered.

How does our motor trade insurance compare?

As part of your policy, we can include premises and contents insured against loss, theft or damage. We’ll include business interruption to ensure losses are minimised after an incident, and goods in transit can cover for damage to your stock, not including vehicles. Equipment cover can also protect for the tools you use.

Does my policy include motor trade liability insurance?

We can include comprehensive liability insurance as part of your policy including public liability, product liability and employers’ liability to protect you and your motor trade business in case claims are made against you by your employees or members of the public.

Our team are more than happy to make confident, assured suggestions about the cover you choose. Whatever the size or specialism of your motor trade business, we work to compare the motor trade insurance policies available to you and find the most suitable one.

For more information or to get the most suitable motor trade business quote for your business, contact our team at SEIB on 01708 850 000 or email