As a director, officer or somebody who gives advice for a fee, people rely on your guidance and expertise. Whether they are your clients or your employees, their expectations of you are often high and seldom do they anticipate mistakes to be made by you. Naturally, however, mistakes and misjudgements do happen. When they do, a strong liability insurance policy can ensure your reputation is not damaged.

At SEIB, we can provide you with appropriate liability insurance at an affordable price, built with you and your work in mind. Perhaps you’re a director of a large corporation, having to make crucial decisions which affect thousands of people. Or you could be an architect tasked to reconstruct a significant building with minimal risk to the public. The impact of an incorrect decision could be disastrous which is why the cover we can arrange is extensive and heavily dependent on you, your work and the possible consequences your decisions have.

We can look to include:

  • Directors and officers liability insurance with varying limits of indemnity
  • Protection for a vast array of business occupations and positions, including directors, officers, senior staff, trustees and more
  • Professional indemnity for those who give advice, such as architects, engineers, financial advisers and more
  • Investigation, defence and legal costs
  • Cyber cover, identity theft and more
  • Optional cover for entity defence and employment practices liability

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to find cover you can count on at a competitive price, so you can make crucial choices with the reassurance that your back is covered.

Protect yourself as a professional with reliable insurance from SEIB’s supportive team. Contact us to find out more on 01708 850 000 or email

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Directors & Officers
Trustee Indemnity