If you own horses, there’s a good chance they’ll need to be transported at some point. When you do, it’s important that you’re fully protected with a comprehensive horse trailer insurance policy to keep both you and your horses safe, should the worst happen.

If you’ve already considered horse insurance, you’ll be aware of the difficulties in finding a policy that suits your needs. At SEIB, we endeavour to make the process simple and transparent. We use every ounce of expertise we have gathered to understand your individual needs and work towards meeting them. The cover we can provide is extensive, and may include:

  • All trailers valued up to £35,000
  • Cover for fire, theft and accidental damage
  • Cover for hired trailers up to a year
  • Horsebox breakdown cover (optional) which extends to equine rescue
  • Public liability for the trailer when not attached to the towing vehicle automatically included
  • Discounts available for Equi-Trek trailers

If you're an insurance broker please call us direct to arrange a quotation.

We’re a fountain of knowledge when it comes to horse trailer insurance. What would you like to know?

How much does horse trailer insurance cost?

You’ll probably be surprised of the annual premiums for this valued protection, especially given how crucial it is to transport your horse. Our transparency and experience allow us to find a policy that covers only what needs to be covered. We’ll carefully advise you throughout to ensure you’re fully in the know.

Do I need horse trailer breakdown cover?

Breakdown Cover is an optional extra. Our complete peace of mind cover not only protects the trailer but the towing vehicle too, even if you’re not the one towing. What’s more, this add-on will handle transportation or accommodation for you, your passengers and your horses if necessary.

What is the best horse trailer insurance for me?

This depends vastly on your needs. High-quality insurance is streamlined to fit your requirements and cuts any unnecessary add-ons. At SEIB, we work clearly and simply to ensure this is the case for you, so you can rest assured that the policy you’re paying for is great value.

Why trust SEIB’s team?

The SEIB team that will deal with your policy own horses themselves, so are adept both personally and professionally at finding appropriate cover. We have over 20 years of experience in this specialist field, and can be trusted upon to defend you should the worst happen.

Get a horse trailer insurance quote from a trusted, experienced source. Contact SEIB to speak to our equine experts. Call us on 01708 850 000, email info@seib.co.uk or hit the Get Quote button above.