As much of the sensitive data we keep is now stored online, businesses become more prone to cyber-crime in all its forms and cyber insurance is more necessary than ever. Cyber-criminals are non-discriminatory and are not always motivated financially, which means businesses of all sizes operating in all sectors may be at risk. Whilst some breaches are almost unavoidable, the magnitude of the aftermath can be acutely controlled with the right cyber insurance policy.

SEIB has been operating as an independent insurance broker since 1963, and so has seen the birth and rise of cyber-crime. Our connections with specialist cyber insurance providers allow us to cater for your business collateral, however specific or niche that may be. Such cover can include:

  • Business interruption including website downtime following a breach
  • Cyber extortion including dedicated ransomware management
  • Cyber liability insurance and privacy liability, including third party costs following a data loss
  • Identity theft covering you, your employees and associates
  • Reputational harm that your business suffers as a consequence of a breach or attack
  • Accidental data loss
  • Full data restoration to cover rebuild and restructure of your systems and associated data
  • Social engineering including phishing, vishing and other complex attacks

SEIB’s team is committed to equipping you not only with the effective management of a data breach, but we also act as a strong guidance tool throughout the aftermath, ensuring the same breach does not happen again. A dedicated advice line is included with your cyber insurance policy to help manage your security and arising incidents, too.

For more information on cyber insurance or to talk about how your business can benefit from it, call our team at SEIB on 01708 850 000 or email