Pony rides are perfect for out-of-the-box birthday surprises or special occasions. Often, the motivations for professionals entering the equine industry stem from similar experiences as a child. However, whilst you and your experienced staff are confident in a pony’s temperament, one overly-enthusiastic child could easily raise an issue.

SEIB can fulfill every equine insurance requirement your pony party needs to keep hold of the reins, wherever your business is heading. Pony ride insurance can cover you for public liability if, for example, a child is injured whilst riding. Employers’ liability gives relief to you and the staff you depend on to keep your business moving. We can cover for any legal expenses that may be incurred and you can choose between annual or one-off protection. Whether you’re looking for one-off insurance for pony parties or specific pony ride insurance policy, simply get in touch.

To get a tailored Pony Party Insurance quote from SEIB, contact our equine experts on 01708 850 000 or email info@seib.co.uk.

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