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We know that your horse is your world. They’re your best friend, your escape… but they’re also likely to be one of your biggest expenses! At SEIB Insurance Brokers we’re passionate about helping you get the peace of mind Horse Insurance you need, whatever activities you enjoy together and whatever your budget.

Your insurance requirements will change throughout your horse’s life. That’s why we’ve developed a range of Horse Insurance policies that can adapt as your needs change. So, whether you’re looking for full illness cover or just accidental external injuries protection, we’ll have a package for you. You can get a Horse Insurance quote online in minutes or speak to our experienced team who will be happy to guide you through your options.

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Why choose SEIB Horse Insurance?

Over the past 60 years we’ve built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading Horse Insurance brokers. Our experience, specialist knowledge and strong relationships with leading insurers mean that we can offer you high-quality policies at affordable prices.

  • 60 Years' Experience

    We’ve been insuring horses for over 60 years and can be trusted to help you.

  • Flexible Cover

    Choose from a range of Horse Insurance covers to find the one that suits you.

  • Complementary Treatments

    If your horse is referred for hydrotherapy or another complementary treatment, you have cover within your vet fee limit.

  • Easy Claims Process

    Horse Insurance claims should be easy, and they are with our experienced team.

  • Spread The Cost

    You can pay for your Horse Insurance monthly via direct debit.

  • Team Of Horse Owners

    You’ll speak to a team of horse owners who understand your world.

  • Public Liability

    All of our Horse Insurance policies can include Public Liability insurance.

  • Cover To Suit Your Budget

    Flexible Horse Insurance options to help you get the cover, and price, you need.

Choose the right Horse Insurance for your needs...

Core Horse Insurance

Our budget friendly cover option

  • Standard Cover
  • Vet Fees £1,500 any one claim and per policy year
  • Cover for accidental external injury only
  • £165 excess
  • Public Liability £2 million
  • Personal Accident £10,000
  • Legal Expenses £50,000
  • Tack & Saddlery up to £1,000 per claim
  • Optional Cover
  • Increase Vet Fees to £3,000 any one claim and per policy year
  • Colic Surgery £5,000 for horses aged under 15
  • Death, Theft and Straying up to £10,000 (includes Disposal Fees and Farewell Cover)
  • Tack & Saddlery up to £5,000
  • Loss of Use
  • Co-insurance

Veteran Horse Insurance

Cover designed with older horses in mind

  • Standard Cover
  • Vet Fees up to £3,000
  • Cover for accidental external injury only
  • £165 excess
  • Public Liability up to £3 million
  • Personal Accident £10,000
  • Tack & Saddlery up to £5,000
  • Death, Theft and Straying up to £3,000
  • Legal Expenses £50,000
  • Optional Cover
  • Colic Surgery up to £1,500
  • Disposal Fees £175
  • Loss of Use
  • Co-insurance

Terms & Conditions apply. All policies are dependent on individual circumstances and subject to Insurer requirements.

Sport Horse Insurance

If you own a sport horse or competition horse, worth £50,000 or more please click below to make an enquiry, or call us on 01708 850000, our team will be happy to help with your insurance needs.

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    We'll review the details and let you know if we need any further information from you or your vet.

  3. Payment

    Once your claim is approved, you'll be reimbursed.

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