Our history

When our founder, Barry Fehler, tried to find a dedicated horse insurance policy back in 1963, he realised that no such policy existed. From this, he decided to create South Essex Insurance Brokers specialising initially in equine insurance. Many of the insurance covers we provide today were forged from Barry’s efforts.

From there, South Essex Insurance Brokers quickly expanded, offering private hire insurance and insurance for funeral directors. From the beginning, we’ve always endeavoured to provide a superb service to our clients. From this mantra, our reputation as providers of specialist insurance at competitive prices is what makes us who we are. South Essex Insurance Brokers Ltd was shortened to SEIB, and through the years we strengthened and expanded our team, our knowledge and our product range.

SEIB today

Today, SEIB specialises in an array of distinct fields. We boast 60 years of experience in horse insurance, more than 40 years of experience in funeral and private hire insurance, and decades more experience in other areas covering both business and personal.

What’s important for us is remembering where we have come from. Our vision for insurance forms the basis of the level of service our existing clients have come to expect, and what new customers can look forward to.


60 years

Part of something bigger

We are proud to be part of the Benefact Group – a charity owned, international family of financial services companies that gives all available profits to charity and good causes.

We’re built on the idea that better business, can better lives.

Each business in our group is a specialist in its field. We’re united by a shared ambition to have a lasting positive impact on the communities we support, which has made the group the third largest corporate donor in the UK (DSC – The guide to UK Company Giving 2023/24).

As businesses we are distinct, and when we come together as a group, we are stronger. By doing business and working with us, our customers, clients and partners make a vital contribution to transforming lives and communities.

And together, we are building a Movement for Good.



We are proud of the specialist knowledge we have of our products, but it doesn’t stop there. We strive to be at the forefront of developing products in the industry and we do this by listening to you and identifying your needs.


We listen to what our clients think and want. It means we have a thorough understanding of your insurance requirements from the beginning, so we can ensure your journey is always smooth and succinct, from initial quote to renewal to any claims you need to make along the way.


Our product expertise enables us to offer high-quality policies at affordable prices, and this is fuelled by our specialist team members as they draw upon decades of experience to alleviate any stress or concerns you may have.


Whatever we are tasked with, we conduct ourselves with a great deal of transparency and honesty. This way, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for and exactly where we are should a claim be necessary.

A statement from our Board

The Directors recognise that the long-term success of the Company is dependent on having regard to the interests of its stakeholders in the Company’s Governance Framework and Board Charter.

Key stakeholders include it’s shareholder, employees, customers and clients, regulators and suppliers and insurers. To read the full statement from The Board please click here

Our customer promise


Our conduct

We facilitate the prompt payment of all valid claims, using our specialist’s claims knowledge and expert partners to get customers the very best help when they suffer a loss.

Abide by all relevant laws, principles and regulations.

Act with integrity and honesty.

Act in the best interests of each client.

Act with skill, care and diligence.


Our service

We take responsibility for all of our customers, taking pride in delivering excellent service that meets their needs and intervening personally where we see we can make a difference.

We will deliver on our promises and always look for ways to exceed expectations. We want to consistently deliver an excellent service.

We investigate all complaints quickly and sensitively with the aim of resolving to our customers complete satisfaction and take action to avoid similar complaints arising in the future.


Our advice

The specialist advice we give is appropriate and always takes into account our customer’s needs.

We apply our knowledge and experience to give our clients the peace of mind they need.

We will ensure our staff are appropriately qualified and regularly assess staff competence to ensure our customers receive the most appropriate service and advice.


Our communications

All of our communications use simple, easily understood language and we ensure providers product literature is understood by our customers.

We will maintain an open and transparent dialogue with our customers providing early notice of key events in relation to their policy such as renewal or changes to policy terms and conditions.

We only use adequately rated insurers.


Our pricing

Our pricing is clear, transparent and reflects the value we bring to our customers.

We do not use dual pricing, we offer competitive pricing utilising a range of insurers.

We donate a proportion of our profits to charitable causes and local communities.

To learn more about SEIB’s history and team, or to speak with us about a specific insurance policy, contact us now. Call 01708 850 000 or email info@seib.co.uk.