Funeral Director risk management guide cover image

From working with hazardous embalming fluids to managing infection risks and lifting heavy coffins, as a funeral director you face many unique risks.

SEIB Insurance Brokers have been providing funeral directors insurance and risk management guidance to funeral directors for over 40 years. Our new risk management guide for funeral directors will guide you through the process of developing an effective risk management strategy to help protect your business against losses.

This guide provides you with a comprehensive overview of the key issues to consider, based on our extensive experience dealing with actual insurance claims involving funeral directors.

This free, practical 32-page guide includes:

  • An introduction to good health and safety management
  • How to carry out a risk assessment
  • A complete risk assessment checklist for funeral directors
  • Funeral Directors’ common hazards – the 5 key areas to consider
  • Guidance for family members acting as bearers
  • Practical fire safety guidance for funeral directors
  • How to carry out a fire risk assessment
  • The do’s and don’ts of accident books

We’ve also included a full self-assessment checklist for you to complete for your business.

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