This year we would like to celebrate our unsung heroes by putting a spotlight on the drivers that make all the difference. We’d like to show recognition to the taxi drivers that go above and beyond for their communities.

The day to day life of a taxi driver involves interaction with people from all over. Taking one customer from A to B can produce an outcome of interesting stories, you never know who might get in the back of the cab. During the course of the day (or night) taxi drivers are more than just transport providers, they are your agony aunts, your luggage carriers,  your debate mates and some are even your local heroes.

We've collated a few interesting stories from taxi drivers and included them in our interactive image below. Take a look at the 9 amazing stories we've uncovered:

Why not share the good news?

If you have an interesting story about a time when you or another driver you know made a difference to your community then you can now submit your stories to us and we’ll share them! No deed is ever too small - we're showing recognition to all hardworking drivers, from the drivers that have gone the extra mile to assist passengers, organised local fundraising events and stepped in to help their customers feel safer.

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