A lot of horse trailers have stood idle since the start of lockdown, with no engine to regularly start, trailers can easily become slightly forgotten about. Many people are now well into planning for their first post-lockdown outing with their horse and with it, getting their trailer out. With the timing of the lockdown beginning in early spring, some trailers may not even have been used since last Autumn.

Below you’ll find our horse trailer insurance experts top tips for getting going again with your trailer.

Book in for a horse trailer service

The British Horse Society recommend that horse trailers should be serviced annually. Following lockdown, as many trailers will have stood idle for a significant time it may be appropriate to give your trailer an additional service. When booking your trailer for a service, make sure you use a reputable company that specialises in horse trailers. Always plan ahead, as many trailer mechanics often get booked up well in advance.

Make sure you have the horse trailer insurance you need

Before getting back out and about using your trailer, make sure you check that you have the right horse trailer insurance in place. It is always worth picking up the phone and speaking to one of the team here at SEIB to make sure that your trailer insurance policy meets your needs.

Check the trailer’s tyre pressures – and those of the towing vehicle

If you are unsure what the correct tyre pressure is for your trailer, a simple Google search including the make and model should provide you with the answer - it's important to always use the manufacturers recommended pressure. The maximum psi for the tyres will be written on the sidewall of each tyre, but this doesn't always take into consideration the use of the tyre i.e. towing. Following this, if you are in any doubt as to what the tyre pressures should be, ring the main dealer for your make of trailer and they will be able to confirm. It is also important to make sure that the tyre pressures are correct for the towing vehicle too.

Give your trailer a thorough clean

Now is the perfect time to give your horse trailer a really good clean, empty and scrub out water containers and make sure any other kit that lives in the trailer is clean and ready to go. If you don’t fancy scrubbing your trailer yourself, some truck washes and valeting companies offer the option to do it for you!

About SEIB

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