At SEIB, we aren’t just experts in horse insurance. Being horse owners ourselves, we have learned a thing or two about horse care over the years. As with all creatures, it is really important for their wellbeing that our horses stay a healthy weight.

We asked our team for their top tips for equine weight management, below is some of their advice based on their own experience:

“We get our horses in during the daytime in Summer and put them out overnight, not only does it mean they get a break from eating grass for a few hours a day, but it also means they get shade from the sun in the heat of the day.” – Vicky Rice, Client Services Executive – Equine and Pet Team

“We have two traditional gypsy cobs that are getting on a bit these days. We feed them hard feed twice a day in Winter, but in the Summer they are out at grass. In order to make sure they get the vitamins and nutrients they need to stay healthy, they have a very small feed with feed balancer each day.” Zoe Steward, Accounts Assistant

“For our pony that is prone to gaining weight, we strip graze her field by moving the electric fencing across a few feet every other day to make sure she doesn’t eat too much rich grass all at once.” Jade Daly, Client Services Executive – Equine and Pet Team

“My Irish sports horse has less feed at this time of year – I also gradually change over in Spring from a higher protein feed chaff to one which has more fibre and less protein and then back again in the Autumn when the grass has less goodness in it.” Frankie Dolby, Equine & Pets Claims Adjuster

“With the bright Summer evenings, I can ride out most days after finishing in the office. This not only gives us both some feel good exercise, it helps us keep our weight in check too! I read somewhere that an hour’s schooling session burns off around 360 calories.” Katie Oswald, Digital Marketing Manager

“At our yard, we have a weight tape to measure how heavy our horses are. It is really simple to do and only takes a couple of minutes. We have a chart in the tackroom and measure our horses weight every two weeks so we can quickly gauge if they are gaining – or losing – weight.” Sharon Baker, IT Support

“I am normally out competing with my showing horse most weekends. However with lockdown, his routine has been very different this year and instead of being stabled and ridden every day through the spring, we turned him away and gave him a few months off. He has put on weight, but now he is back in work, he looks leaner and fitter already.” Rosie Pope, Sales Executive

“My old horse was a very good doer – particularly in the Summer. He often had to have his grass restricted and be in the stable. Because I worried about him getting bored, I bought a treat ball from the local tack shop. The treat ball is a large plastic hexagonal ball with a small hole in one end. As the horse plays with it, the treats slowly fall out. It provided him with hours of entertainment.” Justine Turbin, Sales Executive

“I keep my horse at a large livery yard and a nutritionist from a national feed company comes to the yard every few months to discuss the horse’s individual feeding requirements. Since my horse has been getting a feed tailored to what she needs, she has had so much more energy and looks much fitter.” Donna Leavens, Claims Operations Manager

“I follow the age-old advice of ‘feed something succulent every day’ to my retired driving pony. He always has a carrot or half an apple each day. He is over 30 now and potters about looking just as healthy as he ever did.”  Nicolina Mackenzie, Marketing Manger

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