The wait is finally over! Results for the first ever Virtual Search for a Star with Your Horse Live are NOW online.

With over 300 entries, we have had a truly fabulous response to the fun and educational virtual Search for a Star classes. Thanks as always go to our talented team of top judges - Mr Richard and Mrs Marjorie Ramsay, Paul Cook, David Ingle, Katie Jerram-Hunnable and Chris Hunnable.

Our judges comments - and reasoning - behind the placings in virtual Search for a Star will provide some interesting and informative viewing on this first weekend of lockdown. To see these videos simply click on the ling at the and of the results for each class.

There are plenty of other exciting things happening at Your Horse Virtually Live this weekend too - go t0 to find out more.

Congratulations to everyone that has taken part in Virtual Search for a Star!

Full Results:


1st          Gracemhors Savannah   Sally Dodsworth

2nd        Mr P                                    Melanie Tegg

3rd         Mac Coul de Sauviat        Emma Dair

4th         Doyley Wood                     Charlotte Liley

5th         Kingsman                           Felicity Vaughan

6th         Carnsdale Let It Be           Chantelle Joslin

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE


1st          Mistyfying Mist       Paige Cole

2nd        Dodger        Catherine Jenkinson

3rd         Wystone Belle of the Ball              Jo Martin

4th         Brookdale Puzzled           Daisy Carter

5th         Dudley Do Right                Kimberley Morton

6th         Knight's Tour      Victoria Watters

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE

M and M

1st          Beltoy Rosetalon              Bobbi Shepherd

2nd        Clarkstown Warrior         Heather Liley

3rd         Bewcastle Bell                   Georgia Toms

4th         Menai Lord Cameron      Imogen Hargraves

5th         Raisbeck Rioja                   Sue Ford

6th         Mystical Master Bee         Rachael Fear

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE


1st          Trenavey Dazzler              Jordan Meakins

2nd        Greenhall Polly                 Victoria Smith

3rd         Penpont Riley                    Laura Smith

4th         Calipso                               Beverley Curtis

5th         Longacre's Supernova    Harlyann Moon

6th         I am the Man                    Chelsey Rowe

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE


1st          Diptford Bird Song           Hannah Whelan

2nd        Carnmellyn Aphrodite    Karen Holmes

3rd         Colonel Klink                    Tracey Heaver

4th         Who You Know                Shannon Clark

5th         Temptation                       Ashleigh Wilkinson

6th         Penstrumbly Tip Top       Glynis Cooper

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE


1st          Roundwood Wild Child   Alice Hughes

2nd        Costa Del Cob                    Jill Cooper

3rd         Randelstown Rival           Steph Staples

4th         Bilko                                    Kim Downs

5th         Fiddlers Green Elvis         Esther Lloyd Jones

6th         Captain Scarlet                  Janet Mannering

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE

R 2 R

1st          Inca Slew                 Eileen Melvin

2nd        Captain Scarlet       Jo Llewellyn

3rd         Colonel Klink          Tracey Heaver

4th         Nocturn                    Katie Spitzmaul

5th         Bridge Valley           Ruth Wilkinson

6th         Ride On Time          Jo Llewellyn

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE


1st          Clarkstown Warrior         Heather Liley

2nd        Dylan Bodacious Gift       Kirsty Mabin

3rd         UCS Repertoires Design Sophie Bradley

4th         Lynbrie Gwnfor                Aimee Kember

5th         Synod Rain Dancer           Charlotte Handley

6th         Styalways Celestial Star   Shannon Down

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE


1st          Lemonsholne Prince       Karen Thomson

2nd        Menai Royal Prince          Lydia Grace Stokes

3rd         Merlin                                Karen Whitaker

4th         Knocknacree Bertie         Lauren Beswick

5th         Baz                                       Morpeth RDA

6th         Welford Baxter                 Lauren Beswick

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE


1st          Ambrose Travellen Prince             Amber Egan

2nd        Tom Cobley                        Holly Mills

3rd         Wellshead Duke                Louise Pearce

4th         Moortown Panache          Georgia Toms

5th         The Draughtsman            Gemma Simmons

6th         Adorable                             Emma Lievesley

For the full judges comments CLICK HERE