Lockdown is upon us again, and our team are here to take your call should you wish to review your insurance arrangements to fit current requirements

We want you to have the protection your business needs so if the worst happens you’re properly insured. So, if you do reduce cover during lockdown then it’s important to reconsider your needs once restrictions are eased and you’re fully trading again.

If you are a riding establishment that hires out horses or ponies for riding, such as a riding school or trekking centre, then as part of your licencing it is a legal requirement that you have full public liability insurance that covers you for any injuries that result from people riding your horses. If you do reduce the riding liability element of your policy to reflect your trading position during lockdown, then you must reinstate this before hiring out horses or ponies for riding again.

With the rapidly evolving nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, the information and advice from the Government can change quickly. Because of this, we are asking all clients who contact us in regards to their insurance to ensure:

  1. They disclose all of their business activities so we can ensure they have the insurance protection they need
  2. They check the latest COVID-19 guidance for employers and businesses from the Government to ensure their business remains Covid Compliant. Providing a safe environment for staff, customers and all other visitors is a legal requirement.

Government advice is subject to review and further changes, we must emphasise that it is your responsibility to ensure you keep up-to-date with any changes to the guidelines.

We appreciate that you may have further questions or concerns about your insurance and, for some of you, your cover requirements may have changed. We're here to help, please get in touch if you need us by emailing rladmin@seib.co.uk