To non-horsey friends and colleagues, your pride and joy out in the field or stable is often viewed as a bit of an accessory, used for prancing around on on days off, attending the odd horse show and lots of time spent brushing and polishing his gleaming – or maybe shaggy - fur.

On occasion, after receiving that look of sheer incredulity from someone whose mind it has never crossed that you religiously trudge off twice daily - in the rain, mud and dark at this time of year – you do wonder if it is really all worth it. However, this year in particular, our horse insurance team have realised that there are plenty of plusses for owning and caring for a horse over the festive season irrespective of which tier you happen to currently be in…..

Getting some fresh air – many people have been reading about – and trying out - the German practice of luften.  This is all about regularly opening the windows and doors of your house to allow fresh, clean air in to circulate. There is far less of a need for any of this if you own a horse – as there will be an abundance of fresh air on offer if you regularly head off out to ride, groom, or tend to your equine pet.

Outside exercise over the festive period – at Christmas, more so than ever this year, any opportunity for outside exercise is surely worth jumping at. The average person burns around 250 – 400 calories per hour riding at a slow speed and 550 – 700 when galloping. That must be worth at least a few mince pies?

Mucking out – what better thing is there for creating a calm mindset, than spending time mucking out your horse’s stable. Peace and quiet, completing a necessary task for which you will be able to see an immediate effect and as it is Christmas, hopefully being able to take time over the job and enjoy seeing your horse all cosily tucked up in a clean stable.

Simply taking time out from the hustle and bustle of everything else around you, even if it is just the chance to spend a few minutes in the calming atmosphere of being near your horse.

It is after-all meant to be the season for peace on earth.

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