As Horse Insurance specialists, supporting grassroots riders is something that is incredibly important to us at SEIB Insurance Brokers, after all, they are the future of equestrian sports.

At SEIB, our passion for all things equestrian runs deep, proudly supporting grassroots riders and their horses throughout the UK for over 3 decades through our support of various grassroot events, including British Riding Clubs, SEIB Trailblazers Championships, SEIB Search for a Star, and the SEIB E-Riders Summer Championships.

Strengthening Bonds with British Riding Clubs

Announced earlier this year, we have amplified our support for British Riding Clubs (BRC). Beyond sponsoring the SEIB Novice Winter Championships, we are now the proud title sponsor for the SEIB BRC Quadrille of the Year, the SEIB National Horse Trials Championships and the SEIB Combined Championships through to 2026. Rachael Hollely-Thompson, Head of BRC, added, “We are thrilled to be working even more closely with SEIB. We have had a great relationship for many years, and this really reflects the commitment SEIB have in supporting the grassroots equestrian sector.”

Elevating Grassroots Competitions

Our dedication extends to prestigious equestrian championships tailored for grassroots riders in Show Jumping, Dressage, and Combined Training. The SEIB Trailblazers Championships, hosted at Addington Equestrian Centre, offer competitors the chance to qualify at around 60 venues across the UK. Riders can participate in unaffiliated classes or opt to qualify for the finals with an additional entry fee, making the competition accessible to all levels.

SEIB Search for a Star: Nurturing Amateur Talent

Since 1996, SEIB Search for a Star has been a cornerstone for amateur showing riders. The series allows competitors to qualify for eighteen classes, with championships at both Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) and Your Horse Live. The series supports amateur riders, racehorses out of training, and veteran show horses, while partnering with The Pony Club and British Riding Clubs to create unique opportunities for future show horses and riders.

Embracing Innovation with the E-Rider’s Summer Championship

For the third consecutive year, we are the proud sponsors of the E-Rider’s Summer Championship, a dynamic online dressage competition featuring over 200 competitors from across the UK. Open to all ages and skill levels, from walk and trot to Advanced Medium, this unique championship allows riders to compete from their own yards. Judged by qualified BD accredited judges, winners receive SEIB merchandise, including branded rugs and stable plaques, celebrating their achievements.

Committed to Giving Back

At SEIB, we believe in 'putting something back' into the markets we serve. Our long-term commitment to supporting grassroots and amateur riders reflects our broader goals: increasing access to equestrianism, championing amateur sport, and addressing key issues in the equine industry, such as the social licence to operate.

By nurturing the future of equestrian sports, we remain dedicated to empowering grassroots riders and enriching the equestrian community.

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