Q & A

Most queries can be answered by thoroughly reading the rules and the schedules but below are some of the more common questions. These will be added to as and when different queries are raised so if you cannot find the answer you are looking for please ring Sue Robb at the SEIB office on 01708 850040 or email her at competitions@seib.co.uk . Queries will be answered as soon as possible during office hours.

Can I enter more than one class?
Yes you can enter as many classes as you wish at each venue but you can only qualify once and only in one category. For example if you enter the Ridden Show Hunter and the Working Pony/ Horse and qualify in both you will have to choose which one you compete in at HOYS.

When is the closing date?
Closing dates are on the schedule and website. If you miss this date you may make a late entry (incurring £15 late entry fee)

Entries will not be accepted on the day

Does the judge ride the horse?
There is a ride judge in all classes except the Working Pony/Horse, M&M and TGCA. Please ensure your horse is used to being ridden by different people (we use male and female ride judges) .

Do I have to be a member of any breed or showing society in order to compete in Search For A Star?
No !

What is the cost to enter Search for A Star?
Entry fee for each class is £48. There is an additional fee of £15 if your entry arrives after the closing date; we cannot be held responsible for delays in the postal system.

Can I have lessons on my horse with a professional showing producer?
You can have lessons with a professional show producer, in fact we recommend it to improve your turnout and way of going. You cannot have your horse at livery at their yard, let them compete it for you or have help from them at the Search for a Star competitions.

I qualified in Search for Star a couple of years ago but was unable to actually compete at HOYS as my horse went lame. Am I eligible for Search for a Star this year?

My horse and I have competed at HOYS in a show jumping class – are we still eligible?
Yes, as long as your horse has not competed at HOYS in any show class it is eligible to compete in Search for a Star.

I don’t have the original passport as it was in my horsebox when it was stolen, but I do have a duplicate one from the issuing agency – is that allowed?
Yes, if the duplicate has been issued by the original passport issuing authority it will be accepted. If there is any confusion over the passport you may be asked to produce details of the original loss.

Do I have to enter my horse into Search for a Star in the same name as the one stated on his/her passport?
Yes your horse must be entered under the name on its passport and the name and address of the owner must be the same as that listed in the passport.

What class can my traditional Cob/M&M be entered in?
We now have the new classes for M&Ms and Traditional Cobs – please see the schedules.  Additionally they can also compete in the Working Pony/Horse classes so you have plenty of options!

My horse is registered with a foreign breed society and the passport has not been changed into my name – I don’t know how to get the owner details changed – what should I do?
Sometimes it is necessary to return the passport to the Country of origin but is usually possible to change your details on the passport through the BEF please visit:  http://www.bef.co.uk/Detail.aspx?page=Passports for more details.

My horse qualified for the Royal International Horse Show but as he went lame he didn’t compete, am I eligible to compete in Search for a Star?
Please check the rules specific to RIHS once the 2019 rules are published.