In today’s society it’s so easy to jump from company to company because of the increasing reliance we have on comparison websites. We like to think that the equestrian industry is different as our clients understand how important it is to have your horse insured with a specialist broker who understands the trials and tribulations of owning horses.

This week we caught up with our client Sue who has been insuring her horses with us for over 30 years!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your life with horses…

I have loved horses ever since I was a little girl. I always wanted a pony as a child but living in London it was a definite “No!” from my parents. It wasn’t until I was in my early to mid-twenties that I bought my first horse called Jadeh which means “knowing” in Arabic. He was a pure bred Arab and we called him Jade for short. I bought him as a yearling and wanted to insure him straight away. I asked around at the stables and was recommended SEIB.

Jade spent his first three years growing up, doing ground work and out and about at local shows. I stabled him at a friend’s small yard and it was here that I developed and interest in long distance riding and competing. When Jade was four we broke him in and I started with gentle pleasure rides and then went on to competitive rides.

In 1995 I allowed my friend to use Jade to compete in young riders long distance competitive rides with the aim to represent Britain. That year was a successful but hard season for them as we had very hot weather, but we were thrilled when they were picked to ride for the UK in France!

Sue Anderson's horse Jade

Have you ever had to claim, if so how did you find it?

During his training for France Jade unfortunately suffered a hairline fracture which he picked up during a session of interval training. He went from 100 mile fit one day to being boxed up to rest for a few months, we were devastated, but the most important thing to us was getting Jade back to his usual self.

Even back then the price of veterinary treatment was a lot, so I decided to claim on my horse insurance through SEIB.

My claim with SEIB was brilliant! Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, and they were all very sympathetic of Jade’s injury and had a great understanding of horses. What made the process even more straight forward was that they paid my vet directly.

Did Jade go back to competing?

Jade came back sound but took a backseat as my daughter was off and running in pony club activities. Many people wondered why I didn’t go back to long distance and mainly concentrated on my daughter’s lessons and shows, and the simple answer was that Jade meant the world to me, and as long as he was happy and comfortable so was I.

I was shocked when some remarks were made that if he was lame for life why keep him and that I should consider having him put to sleep! He was my world even to the end, he gave me so much pleasure that I didn’t think twice, I carried on riding him out and did a few pleasure rides and rode him regularly right up to the end. By that time he was quite stiff because of arthritis and the vets advised me to keep riding him to keep him supple and he still loved to go out!

It broke my heart when the dreaded day came, and I still miss him to this day five years on. It is true what they say you only ever get one special horse and he was it. I owe him 28yrs of so much joy, life will never be the same but I live with so many happy memories.

It has taken me this long to have another horse, her name is Kerry and I have had her on trial he since Christmas to make sure she would be right for me and the owners were happy, I am a ripe 62 years old now so I don’t bounce well anymore!

What made you stay with SEIB and insure Kerry with us?

I stayed with SEIB because they’re a good company and the staff there are very knowledgeable, it makes such a difference to speak to people who have horses themselves!

They have all been very helpful whatever the question. Therefore, I had no hesitation to go back to SEIB when I purchased Kerry recently, in fact Jo from your team and I have conversed quite a bit over the years as Jo pointed out to me going back over my records that I thought had been archived. It’s nice to still be able to speak to the same person all these years later.

Finally, how would you rate SEIB out of 10?

10…silly question!

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