Ahead of the SEIB Search for a Star Your Horse Live Championship tomorrow we caught up with our talented, top team of judges to find out a little bit about the qualities they will be looking for in the horses and ponies presented across the five championship classes.  

Part-Bred Traditional 
Andrea Betteridge - Founding Director of the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association. "I like to see an equine that fits the part-bred section that it is representing. I'll be looking for a good quality animal that is balanced and covers the ground well with good limbs."  

Jack Moore - Up and coming show producer. "I will be looking for a horse that is true to stamp with good limb and movement. For me a horse needs to fit into a class and not be a half-way house between one section and another."  

Mountain and Moorland
Paul Cook - Sits on all the major judging panels in the UK. "I will be looking for ponies that perform in the correct way. They must be forward with expressive pony characteristics and true to their breed standard - and not too fat."  

Veteran - Amateur and Open 
Sarah Chapman - Top producer and trainer at The Showing Register (TSR) "I will be looking for a pony or horse in good condition & suppleness for their age, who still enjoys doing their job with a smile on his face!"  

Good luck to all those that have qualified for the Search for a Star championships!  

To find out more about SEIB Search for a Star visit www.seib.co.uk/competitions