For mobile dog groomers their van or car is also their business premises, so having the right Motor insurance in place it vital. Without this protection, you could leave yourself, your dog grooming business and the animals you treat at risk.

SEIB has four decades of experience in arranging specialist motor insurance and our team can tailor a no-obligation van or car insurance quote for dog groomers to suit your requirements and your budget. We can also help if you’re looking for van or car insurance for dog walkers, dog trainers, pet sitters or pet taxi services.

Features can vary, but our standard cover includes:

  • Any pet services related modifications made to your vehicle
  • Up to £750 per claim for stock carried in your vehicle such as shampoo
  • Up to £750 per claim for tools carried in your vehicle such as clippers
  • Up to 9 years mirrored No Claims Discount from another car or van policy
  • Attractive premium discounts available if you have been claim free for 3 years or more
  • Legal expenses with a limit of £100,000
  • Windscreen repair and replacement
  • Up to £1,000 per claim for replacement locks

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Have any questions? Read our FAQ below.

Why is a standard van or car policy unlikely to be suitable for my dog grooming van?

Most dog grooming vans are modified to some extent, but many of the insurers offering standard van or car policies see these modified vehicles as unsuitable risks and so turn them away, or seek to exclude the modifications. This is why you need access to a van or car policy that has been developed specifically with the needs of a mobile pet services business in mind.

Does SEIB offer insurance for modified vans and cars?

Yes, our policy includes cover for any pet services related modifications made to your vehicle. Mobile dog groomers may need to install sinks, showers and tables to their van. We know that your vehicle is your whole business on wheels which is why we’ve developed specialist van and car insurance to give you the best protection.

How much does dog groomers’ van insurance cost?

Probably less than you might think, but it all depends on your needs. Before we offer an animal trades van or car insurance quote, we’ll work with you to ensure your policy reflects exactly what you need, always considering your budget.

What if I’m under 25 years old?

Whilst we can offer policies on a named driver basis or cover any driver over 25 years old, we can also name 21-24-year-olds if required. Just get in touch.

Is windscreen cover included in the policy?

Yes, windscreen cover is included as standard with comprehensive motor insurance. A £90 excess applies for windscreen replacement with a £Nil excess in the event of a windscreen repair.

A break-in means I need replacement locks for my van. Are these covered?

Yes, we will pay up to £1,000 towards replacing lost or stolen keys, the lock transmitter, or recoding the alarm system.

Is legal expenses cover provided?

Yes, underwritten by Proximo, the legal expenses cover provided relates to recovering uninsured losses up to £100,000. In the event of a non-fault claim, you will receive legal representation to claim back any uninsured losses and pursue a claim for personal injury provided there is reasonable prospect of a successful claim.

How does SEIB’s animal trades motor insurance compare?

SEIB has a long history of providing trusted insurance for our clients. Working only with the most financially secure UK based insurers, we use our specialist knowledge to get the best insurance available to you with the reassurance of knowing that should the worst happen then help will be at hand.

What if I can’t find my business activity here?

If your business activity isn’t listed here, then don’t worry. With many years of experience and access to an extensive range of insurers, we can tailor a van or car policy to your specific needs. Just contact us and we’ll show you what we can do.

For more information on Animal Trades Motor Insurance, call our team on 01708 850 000 or email us. If you would like a quote for your Animal Trades Business Insurance please speak to the team at Cliverton.

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