Mountain and Moorland small breeds        Marks Sheets
1st Jolie Darton riding Nantfforchog Blue Romishe
2nd Clare Ward riding Slades Golden Broom
3rd Phoebe Prater riding Barkway Nureyev
4th Geraldine Bowman riding Benedikt
5th Isabelle Allen riding Lathehill Pageant

Mountain and Moorland large breeds           Marks sheets
1st Clare Kinsley riding Mephis of Millfield
2nd Danielle Remblance riding Davada Billy the Kid
3rd Anika Wilding riding Dylasau Calafornia Dawn
4th Katie Smith riding Dream Shadow
5th Megan Scarratt riding Lowhaygarths Celtic Dancer
6th Julia Cannon riding Slieve Bloom Shadow