Previous Winners – 2007 SHOW

Lin D’estruval takes HOYS Race Horse title

The 2007 South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB) Racehorse To Riding Horse Show Championship provided the audience with a fascinating final at the Horse Of The Year Show (HOYS), with Lin D’Estruval, owned by Baileys Horse Feeds and Lynn Russell and ridden by Lynn, clinching the title and Mr and Mrs R Hartland’s Another Man, ridden by Claire Oliver, taking reserve.

This series has developed since the inaugural HOYS final last year, and the quality and preparation of all the horses was superb. Eleven horses were presented in the final and all coped well with the notoriously electric atmosphere in the Caldene Arena.

Lin D’Estruval, an 8 year old by Cadoudal and known as “Jimmy” at home, was placed 3 times from 10 runs during his National Hunt career, trained by C P Morlock. Lynn found him last summer through Tina Gifford and turned him away to chill out and relax before being brought out this year. He had been to just 5 shows this year before HOYS but has taken well to his new career. “I had to be very quiet with him, but he did nothing wrong and I am delighted. Now I want to put a sidesaddle on him before I give him a holiday”, said Lynn, who hopes he will go on to do Ladies Hunter classes.

Claire Oliver was delighted with Another Man, who was foot perfect for the judge. “This is a fantastic class for ex-racehorses and shows that they can have a second career as show horses”, she said. Another Man is owned by Roger and Sarah Hartland and Sarah had intended to ride the horse but was sidelined due to an operation. “Claire has done a wonderful job and I am really looking forward to competing him in racehorse classes next year. He will do a bit of dressage over the winter and go hacking – he is a lovely “Sunday morning ride””, said Sarah.

Conformation was judged by Davina Whiteman while Lucy Killingbeck judged the ride and the judges gave a commentary on each horse during the class, which is popular with the audience. Lucy, who has recently stated that she is ready to give up ride judging, commented several times on the quality of the rides. “I did not have a difficult ride in the whole class”, she said. “They were soft, level headed and responsive – like a Bentley! It restores your faith in the ability to produce good rides, and there is nothing more difficult than an ex-racehorse”, she said, adding that she wished all classes could be like this.

South Essex Insurance Brokers instigated the Racehorse to Riding Horse Show Championship, supported by the charity, Retraining of Racehorses, to provide an alternative career option for the huge number of horses that come out of racing each year. To be eligible, horses must have been in training with a recognised trainer, and the competition is designed to show.

“This class shows how a correctly re-schooled ex-racehorse can become a top class show horse, and that they can be taught the manners and way of going required for the show ring. With time and patience, ex-racehorses can go on to compete successfully in many different disciplines”, said SEIB Marketing Manager, Nicolina MacKenzie. “I am really delighted with the response we have had to this year’s series and with the quality of horses that have come forward and I hope that more people will be encouraged to take on an ex-racehorse”, she said.

SEIB also run the Racehorse to Riding Horse Performance Awards, an accumulator competition for ex-racehorses who can earn points in various disciplines.

Final Result

  1. Lin D’Estruval, owned by Baileys Horse Feeds and Lynn Russell, ridden by Lynn Russell
  2. Another Man, owned by Mr and Mrs Roger Hartland and ridden by Claire Oliver
  3. Gosh, owned by Dell Park Stud and ridden by Natalie Lintott
  4. Mickey Croke, owned and ridden by Mrs Jayne Pimbley
  5. Another Statesman, owned by Mr R G Ross and ridden by Paul Langrick

SEIB Race Horse to Riding Horse Show Championship


Winner: Gosh (Taj Mahal)
Horse height: 158cms
Horse colour: Bay
Horse age: 10
Owner details: Dell Park Stud
Rider details: Natalie Lintott
Additional info: Won last year!

Runner up: Mickey Croke
Horse height: 16.2hh
Horse colour: Dark Bay
Horse age: 10
Owner details: Mrs Jayne Pimbley
Rider details: Mrs Jayne Pimbley
Additional info: Bought as 2yr old by Andrew Lloyd Webber for estimated £185,000.
Ran in bumpers, hurdles and steeplechase.
Hunts with Vale of Lyne and carries side-saddle.
8yr old son rides him.
Anyone can hack him out.
Totally unflappable.
1st show was Area 2B and was 1st and reserve champ in riding horse class.
Also won RoR at Northern Spring Show April 06.
Named after Irish lad who broke him.
Everyone loves him.


ARENA UKWinner: Fergal
Horse height: 16hh
Horse colour: Bay
Horse age: 13
Owner details: Peter Richmond
Rider details: Lizzie Richmond
Additional info: N/A

Runner up: Gold Choice
Horse height: 16hh
Horse colour: Bay
Horse age: 22
Owner details: Mrs Sonia Laycock
Rider details: N/A
Additional info: Intermediate Eventer

Training as 22 year old with Tim Easterby but bleed after making grade

After recovery went point to point

won last race at 14

Started showing at 17, working hunter, sports

hickstead racehorse class qualified supreme riding horse hicketead, ror overall winner ultimate showcase at 20 yrs



Winner: Gaur-Du-Luc
Horse height: 16.1hh
Horse colour: Bay
Horse age: 13
Owner details: Lisa Farquhar
Rider details: Juliet O’Brien
Additional info: N/A

Runner up: Milliemeter
Horse height: 154cms
Horse colour: Chestnut
Horse age: 8
Owner details: Ms Emily Curtis
Rider details: N/A
Additional info: N/A



Winner: Another Man
Horse height: 165.1cm
Horse colour: Grey
Horse age: 12
Owner details: Mr & Mrs Roger Hartland
Rider details: Mrs Claire Oliver
Additional info: N/A

Runner up: Lin D’Estruval
Horse height: 16.1hh
Horse colour: Brown
Horse age: 8
Owner details: Baileys Horse Feeds
Rider details: Lynn Russell
Additional info: N/A



Winner: Lucky Myst
Horse height: 158cm
Horse colour: Bay
Horse age: 12
Owner details: Samantha Quiney
Rider details: William Chatley
Additional info: N/A

Runner up: Tumbleweed
Horse height: 157.8cm
Horse colour: Bay
Horse age: 6
Owner details: Mrs Diane Stennett
Rider details: Lucy Cameron
Additional info: N/A