The Racehorse to Riding Horse class was judged by Jane Holderness Roddam (conformation) and Sarah K Coward (ride) and a strong class was split into three sections for initial judging. In the final placing, Barbers Shop took a fitting first place ridden by Katie Jerram, completing an incredible double for HM The Queen on the day of her official birthday celebrations. Katie started the day at the Derbyshire Festival where Barbers Shop won the Ladies class in the morning. “We thought there would not be many in it, but there were about 17 and the class took longer than expected. We leapt back on the lorry after the class and hot footed it down to Stretcholt and got here by the skin of our teeth”, said Katie. “He really is amazing. This is only his second time out this year, but he took part in the Queen’s birthday celebrations at Royal Windsor which was a busy 7 days with rehearsals and performances. I wondered what he would be like after that, and how he would come back to showing, but he coped brilliantly. This weekend has been all about Barber. It is wonderful to win today, and very memorable. The drive home will be very easy”.

Second place went to Donna Bamonte and Valentine Jak. “I am so delighted. He missed Osbaldeston because he had nail bind after being shod, and he was not himself. He is back to his normal self now, and has been going so well. We did a retrained racehorses clinic where he had a go at x-country with drops and water. I am now hoping to do some Ex-Racehorse Challenge classes in July at our local agricultural show. He owes me nothing. He is quite sensitive, you can’t just get on and go with him and it takes some work to get him ready. He is exercised for an hour in the field before a show. Mrs Coward loved him and said he is scrumptious! He is one in a million to me”, said Donna, whose 40 minute journey makes this her nearest qualifier.

Conformation judge, Jane Holderness Roddam, said “This was a very high class field. It is really nice to see how well produced these horses are. The production has come on enormously. It is a great opportunity for these horses to have something to work for”.

1st, Barbers Shop, owned by HM The Queen and ridden by Katie Jerram
2nd, Valentine Jak, owned and ridden by Donna Bamonte
3rd, Back on Trend, owned by Sophie Tranter and ridden by Jo Bates
4th, Rockley Beach, owned and ridden by Mark Young
5th, Dhaka Dazzle, owned and ridden by Abbie Dark
6th, Lord Manhatton, owned and ridden by Elizabeth Rogers