If you and any other person to whom this insurance will apply can comply with the following assumptions, then please proceed to complete our Request a Quote Form.

  • You will be at least 18 years of age when cover starts
  • You have never been declined or refused insurance, had a policy cancelled, or had special terms imposed by an insurer
  • You have not made any claims in the past five years in connection with a horse trailer
  • You have not been declared bankrupt or the subject of bankruptcy proceedings or had any county court judgements made against you
  • You have not been convicted of or charged with any criminal offence, current or pending, other than a motoring offence. You only need to tell us about any convictions that are unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
  • You own the horse trailer to be insured
  • You will not be using your horse trailer for business
  • Your horse trailer is in a good state of repair and will be so maintained

If you are unable to comply with all of the above assumptions, we may still be able to help and please call us on 01708 850000 to speak to our Equestrian Sales Team.