Equestrain Home Insurance

Equestrian Home Insurance

Insurance for properties with horses kept at home

If you keep your horses at home it is important that you have specialist insurance rather than buy one of the many off the shelf home insurance products available to ensure you can cover the buildings but also the many associated with keeping horses such as hay, straw, trailer, tack and machinery.

We can also cover just equestrian outbuilding and contents if you own stables but they are not at your home address or you are a landlord that rents out your equestrian premises.

If you do not keep your horses at home but would still like a quote for building and contents we offer competive premiums and comprehensive cover from our specialist insurers.

For more information or to obtain your no obligation quote for home insurance with horses kepts at home or house insurance with stables, please call 01708 850000 and speak to our equestrian home insurance experts.

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