WRS Insurance Brokers is named after its founder, William R Sawtell & Partners, who in 1966 set up his business to cater for the life insurance, pensions and general insurance needs of the people of Romford and North Essex. As the surrounding area grew over the years, so too did WRS, and in 1995 they merged with another local broker and moved to a larger premises in Colchester, where they reside today.

Fast forward to the present day, and WRS has come a long way from where they began. They now turn over more than £3m annually, and are members of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) and Broker Network. They have also refined their specialisms, which are now predominately in the third sector – charity insurance, church insurance and other non-profit organisations.

To ensure the products they source for their clients are morally aligned with their beliefs, WRS take great care to ensure that they only work with insurers who are not only financially sound but are also ethical.

In October 2020, WRS were acquired by SEIB Insurance Brokers, whose parent company, Ecclesiastical, are one of the largest corporate donors to charity in the UK, contributing to thousands of good causes in this country and abroad. This focus on charity and giving back to the community supports WRS in becoming an attractive partner for so many businesses in the third sector. Company director, Chris Chapman says: “I believe that my personal Christian faith is seen as a huge benefit to many of our church, charity, community and care clients. As a company we really try to empathize with the mission statements of charities and non-profits, whether that be through additional support via sponsorships or donations, or simply through the tailored support we provide.” Chris has set a firm goal to maximise profits year on year so that charity and giving can continue to be front and center of what WRS is all about.

To achieve this goal, WRS puts a great deal of stock in the overall client experience. Their ethos is to help clients through all stages of the insurance buying journey, and to be a long-term partner rather than simply a middleman for policy renewals. WRS is always looking at ways to improve their systems and processes so that they can provide their clients with the best customer service.

For WRS, the future certainly looks bright. With steady, organic growth of 5-10% each year and over 50 years’ experience providing insurance and risk management services to their clients, it is clear to see that WRS understand and appreciate the issues faced by their customers from a funding, compliance and volunteering point of view, and are fully committed to helping them to find the right solutions.

Whatever your insurance needs, contact WRS for support you can rely on. Call 01206 760780, email hello@wrsinsurance.co.uk or follow the link here.