Following the increase of reports of Equine Influenza here in the UK, we wanted to share a recent update from Equine Infectious Disease Surveillance and Department of Veterinary Medicine (University of Cambridge).

According to the report, since 9 November 2021 equine influenza (EI) has been reported on 10 separate occasions in the UK, representing more than 40% of the 24 EL diagnoses made so far this year.

You can also take a look at the full report here - EI update December 2021 final (002).

To help answer some of your recent FAQs, take a look at our blog below:

Advice for horse owners

How do I ensure that I’m adequately covered for equine influenza in my horse insurance policy?

If you are requiring vet fees cover in case your horse contracts equine influenza then you would need to make sure that your horse insurance policy includes cover for vet fees and that they provide cover for illnesses such as equine influenza. Most horse insurance policies will automatically include mortality cover but again, you should check that the mortality part of the policy includes illnesses such as equine influenza. You should also check that there isn't any exclusion on your policy preventing any claims for this.

Will I be covered for equine influenza if my horse’s vaccinations are out of date?

When taking out a horse insurance policy with us you must declare that you will be taking certain precautions yourself, one of which is arranging and paying for your horse to be vaccinated against tetanus and equine influenza. If your horse’s vaccinations are out of date, or you have misinformed us about their vaccinations, then you would not be covered. If you have taken all reasonable precautions and had your horse vaccinated your claim will be considered.

Even if my horse is vaccinated and contracts equine influenza, will an exclusion then be placed on my policy even though I’d fulfilled my duty in having my horse vaccinated?

Insurers are within their rights to place fair and proportionate exclusions and the decision as to whether to place an exclusion will be based upon its own assessment of the risk, often based upon information that they have received. All factors of the risk would be taken into account when deciding upon placing an exclusion or not.

Advice for yard managers and owners

How do I ensure that my business is protected from loss of income as a result of closure or suspended services due to an equine influenza outbreak?

In relation to SEIB’s policies the Equine Infectious Diseases cover under the Riding Liability policies is only available when including Property and Business Interruption cover. When you include this it becomes an automatic extension to the Business Interruption cover so there is no additional charge to cover Infectious Diseases.

There are likely to be a few restrictions on the cover, for example a limit of £10,000 per any one claim and what procedures the yard has in place for new horses, therefore it is always advisable to check the terms of your cover.

Does it make a difference how the disease is brought on to the yard?

No, this would not make a difference to the claim.

Does having a protocol for the prevention and management of infectious diseases reduce the premium on my business insurance?

It is a condition with our policy that all new horses have recent veterinary certification and/or confirmation that the horse has been tested and is free from disease before being allowed with other horses.

Any new horse without a recent veterinary certification and/or confirmation must be kept in a separate quarantine stable which is sufficiently isolated as to not pose any risk of potential transmission and undergo such veterinary tests before being allowed in contact with other horses on the yard. As this is a condition of the cover, doing this would not result in a reduction in premium.

Click here for more information on equine influenza provided by The Animal Health Trust.

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